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Our pharma-specific courses focus on the most recent legislation and practical implementation, whilst our personal development courses focus on personal growth, individual coaching and advice.
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Breakfast session

This interactive session is the place to be for making new professional connections and meanwhile getting some pointers in even more efficient working. How to divide your professional and your personal time without either of them being neglected? How can you be master in getting most of your time? How to maintain the right professional connections and creating new opportunities in the professional world? 


During a wonderful breakfast you can make unique business connections. Meeting managers of other companies or great people from the same work field? Join this connecting breakfast session and boost your career even more! 


The session will be closed with an inspirational speech from a few managers that are very respected in their field. For once they will give you a unique insight in their way of working and success.

05 November 2019

Improve Team Efficiency & Productivity

€ 19.99

1 Day

This interactive course with workshops is designed to bring you up-to-date with the current regulatory expectations and GDP requirements. It aims to provide you with the guidance and tools to understand and implement GDP in your daily activities.

21 November 2019
23 January 2020

Good Distribution Practice

€ 899

1 Day

This training is a supplement to our successful RP for GDP course. Learn GDP news and importance of risk management within a GDP quality system. Learn more on management of distribution and transport.

12 December 2019

Responsible Person for GDP: Refresher

€ 899

1 Day

This interactive course with workshops is designed to bring you up-to-date with the current regulatory expectations and GDP requirements. You will learn about the role of the Responsible Person and his/her responsibilities according to GDP requirements.

13 February 2020

Responsible Person for GDP

€ 899

1 Day

This interactive course is intended for people that are employed in a GMP environment and aims to refresh the knowledge of the participants on this subject.

12 March 2020

Good Manufacturing Practice: Refresher Course

€ 799
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Your Trainer

Quastion is a division of Qplus consult BVBA founded early in 2010 by Kristina Bindus, an industrial pharmacist. She has more than 25 years of experience in QA, Auditing, Project Management & RA, Pharmacovigilance within leading (bio)-pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, Quality Systems Development, Management and Implementation, Internal & External GxP, ISO9001, ISO13485, Supplier Quality Management, General Business Management, Team Management, Global QA Process Development, Inspection Readiness and hosting audits/inspections from Health Authorities.


Kristina and her team of trainers are committed to delivering you a first class learning experience.


All Quastion trainings are recognized by the Flemish Government’s KMO portefeuille grant.


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