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To be Audited and Inspected

1 Day

This interactive course with workshops is designed to provide you with the guidance and tools to always be prepared for Audits and Inspection.

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Anyone interested in the requirements regarding Audits and Inspections

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08:30 - 09:00
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Quastion Learning Center (Qplus consult BVBA)

Leuvensesteenweg 643 bus 7, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium

Your Trainer

Kristina Bindus


To be Audited and Inspected

  • What is an audit / inspection?

  • What is the audit objective?

  • What is the inspection objective?

  • List of Main Pharmaceutical Regulatory References

  • Audit / Inspection Main steps

  • Audit / Inspection Approach

  • Whose Audit / Inspection is this?

  • How to prepare the Audit / Inspection?

  • What happens during an Audit / Inspection?

  • Support during the Inspection

  • Code of conduct

  • Conclusions

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