Responsible Person for GDP: Refresher

01/19 - 01/23

This training is a supplement to our successful RP for GDP course. Learn GDP news and importance of risk management within a GDP quality system. Learn more on management of distribution and transport.



To be Audited and Inspected

01/19 - 01/23

This interactive course with workshops is designed to provide you with the guidance and tools to always be prepared for Audits and Inspection.



Self-Inspection Management

01/19 - 01/23

This interactive course with workshops is designed to provide you with sufficient background on legislation applicable to Self-inspections. The course aims to enable you to set-up and implement an efficient process that fits your organization. You will learn how to perform self-inspections and how your organization can benefit from it.



When you don't have a the possibility to follow the courses via Quastion on tour we offer you an alternatice. Via Quastion on request we can give this training on the moment that fits the best for you.  On request we can also deliver tailor made trainings and courses. 2-days courses will always be given on request.

Quastion is a division of Qplus consult BVBA founded early in 2010 by Kristina Bindus, an industrial pharmacist, and based in Belgium. Quastion provides specialized training for (bio-)Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries as well as Personal Development training for wide range of industries.


o   Analyse which activities fall under GDP

o   Define what your role in these processes is and what are your own responsibilities in these processes

o   After define the responsibilities of other involved parties

o   Capture the activities your organization perform in your Quality System

o   Capture the activities and responsibilities of subcontractors in Quality Agreements, perform audits and follow-up of your subcontractors

o   Establish KPI’s/Metrics to monitor the GDP-compliance

GMP, GDP Courses & time management

Your Benefits and 7 Reasons to Go for a Quastion Training

 Top-quality interactive learning with focus on ‘How to’

 +150 different Pharma-specific training and Personal Development training

Beneficial price-quality offer

V Central location in Belgium or in-house training at your facility

V We are specialized in giving result-oriented learning courses

V You can apply directly learned tips and tricks

V Speakers are with proven track records on expertise

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